If the person needing Medicaid is in a hospital or nursing home, ask the Social Worker if they can apply for Medicaid on their behalf. This is the quickest and easiest way to apply.

If the individual is at home, if they are in touch with a Senior Center, or Community outreach center that provides social services, ask the case manager or social worker if they can initiate a Medicaid application.

If neither of the above situations apply, the following agencies in New York City will apply for Medicaid benefits for individuals, and send workers to make home visits to obtain documentation and information if necessary. Many agencies just service clients in their cachement area. The following agencies service all of NYC:

LiveOn NY – 1-212-398-5045 They can screen for eligibility and apply for many other benefits as well.

ICS (Independent Care Systems) also assists with Medicaid applications.  Their contact number is 877-427-2525.

The following form will designate an authorized representative that can apply for Medicaid on behalf of someone else: