The Art of Aging

As the aging population increases, partially as a result of increased life-span, the problems associated with their quality of life also increase. The pressures this puts on their care-givers, family, and others, keep mounting.

There are a multitude of resources that attempt to address these issues.  Unfortunately, the time and energy required to locate and access them are considerable. It is striking how, even in the days of Websites and search engines, it is so difficult to find the relevant information. Further, each program needs its own investigation. Even Social Workers who specialize in these entitlements are often expert in only some of the benefits available and can address only some of the issues that need solutions.

Those who have had to "reinvent the wheel" each time a senior needs services have long dreamed of a "one-stop shop" to aid the process.  This web-site is an attempt to, at least partially, serve that need.  Our goal is to assemble all the most common entitlement programs that are relevant to Senior Citizens, and are most often needed.

As many resources are state specific, many of the programs in this web-site are relevant only to New York State residents. However, should you be aware of resources in other states, please contact us and we will consider including them here.

A word of caution:  The number of programs, and the amount of information that has to be sifted, may be daunting for some, and unappetizing for others to have to deal with. In the Getting Started section, we deal with this issue and suggest some alternative methods of accessing help (see the Advocacy section), as well as some general considerations that need attention by all (in the Financial Management section).  

Finally, as this is an attempt to help others, please consider contributing to the effort.  Should you know of other resources that you feel would be worthwhile to include here, please contact us.